Thursday, June 28, 2012

Then the cobza

Alan Sondheim
Alan Sondheim
Then the cobza (best for listening)

So after the violin, viola, sarangi, sindhi sarangi and oud,
working on the cobza, which for once stayed in tune; of all
the instruments here, it tends to go out the fastest. I
wanted to revisit it, half Gregorian, half Eastern European,
half oud, ten metal strings in pairs and triplets, 3-2-2-3.
In fourths it's capable of an amazing variety of timbres and
melodic possibilities... My old friend, the cobza...
Sondheim Archives: Then the cobza
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Sondheim Archives: Then the cobza
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Monday, June 18, 2012

extending the techniques

Alan Sondheim

3:39 AM  -  Limited
Alan Sondheim
Alan Sondheim
[ Wrote 19 lines ]

k6% more zz

extending the techniques

well, extended violin with the same songs, trying out
double-stopping with wide gaps, harmonics, bow bounce,
all the things you know but I don't, but maybe they
work here, the second to lastlast solo violin, the
last at work with a difficult song we do rarely, the
others, well they are fine -
Sondheim Archives: extending the techniques
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Sondheim Archives: extending the techniques
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

distillation of pain

 distillation of pain

on good days
i dream of hitler youth and grey soviet masses
nameless american troops everywhere people marching
jagged assyrian warriors batak sacrifices
everyone known is deeply wrecking
salvage dams holding back debris
walking in collapsed buildings furious suicides
drownings, medicated deaths
police-tape barriers, artifice,s destruction
those names, ash, broken mouths, screams
everything going under
this crime won't be solved

why can't sleep
begin by thinking about being very old, a thing, continue
where lump or pain becomes something else, body turns its course against
me, that division. that night from which no awakening, remains
unimaginable. break with the daughter of my family.

who were dear simply order psychically survive. leads post-traumatic
stress syndrome, obdurate

circulation memories become permanent part psychic landscape: trip over.
after death they're meaningless, just what saves us, jennifer asks, shall
we survive, can turn, our future, you see when die, you, species, has
history gone, happens dust, molecules, atoms, forms, records, data,
speech, recordings preservation prions viruses, phages bacteria,
parasites, sun planets lives, whom speaking, mind without service god,
demons minds dissolve, corrode, decay, corrupt, longer hear your answers,
ourselves, memory mother her book father his fire, these are gone sound
mercury light switch luminous glow afternoon mighty trees moon there,
murmurs planetary nebula, plasma disappears disappears, eyes it, ears
among us oh keep their promises always based forfeitures, asks jennifer,
be, turn me around, provide loving canopy soft nestlings presence friends
all times places, hold within world living, nurture nourish feed clothe
ah, am done for, says already half two-thirds three-quarters cries m

----------------------------- therefore should come together
between two bodies separated serrated division, vertebra one
other. logging-out, collapse backbone,
melting melding as it begins disappear.the body's

not here either, square, playing-field, holding-pen.the stream i's, eyes,
appear if were, but imminent, momentary, for minute.drying, other words
stain residue, say drying, words, you're saying red year
5000, birthday falls monday, won't around. somehow, makes unutterably sad,
weeping. span so short, that, this, concrete instance, tears through me.
make sure, past 2020...

. eye, julu, nikuko travis, honey alan, accompany organs, bones, flesh
fallen side road is, reality, plain, open every direction, neither nor
indicating anywhere, any thing. little band characters process
dissolution. stories audience, audience audience. speaks smashed mouths,
writes fingers, sees other, dreams hears way. ultimate writing because
urgent. goes nowhere go. destinations fall off map disappeared. death, gem
outlives decay pion, bringing misery wake. less time tell stories. did was
any: 'my most important medium.' nothing else speaks. write an unknown
tongue. enormity figures... hard convey virtual worlds... don't take word
it... check out, you'll see... sense them looking down at you...
guardians... working benefit... whether like not... doesn't matter...
night... into pieces reassembling... swallow

whole... big universe... least i'll more, i'm
remembered poor out
could think wandered
somewhere link faltered hindered
cauterized throat thought throughout
semblance fraught alone
meandering mourned rooms dark fallow
plummeting faces skewed sallow
hollowed mounds earth burning bone
hallowed they sutured hands haunting loomed muffled clutched voices
senseless seamless depressed humbled choices
dense thatched strands stranding embracing fears
buried borne lost thrown
sounds human ghosts own
avatar / wounded space real closed others agree witness horror
born into, didn't ask shuddering
time, uniqueness catch-basin nerves ruptured world,
step line, clean, clarify, suck clean proper body, stuttering space, smear
basket torn pieces, screaming
than own,

abstract animated maquette
holes another crimped, collapsed, coagulated
crash crumble destiny
it's puckered slosh pure gifts there's happiness exchange
grief speak chatter
communities history's left behind
monotony... echo hollow
letter lies sleeping
now cold dissolve worlds
get stuck life yearn return held skin seasons
cannot move made layers pain, back, small models splayed abstracted
avatars fleeing radio antique equipment
lean glass photographs child doomed things
listen too

images dead soldiers anything books martyrs tortures torments read covers
telling future lament oozes beings forth gather die escape powered escapes
o doom martyrologies deaf call survive murmur yearning returning stick
lives thing reading comes swaying swings dying sways steal play long
succeed alanprint objects pained desire charred excavated (bleak culture
slaughter) darkness says 'truth screen, killed, spike throats beauty-smoke
kyushu honshu incense kamogami smoke, pens pencils, languages? fucked
blank?' lips hardly move, forced comfort, comfort now, moment, remember
love? alan want die. try head. bones old. lead. existence sex not; starts

julu +++
some legs
raw tissue blood leaking
joints troubling hanging
flags fish holiday
carved stripped meat dancing ecstatic someone
knew isthisit, sexuality damned
sexual maps taps saps revolves
merrily, happy, burrowed revolutions
buried, coming singing longing, then
leaving, leaving certainly aren't arousing shattering woundatar
forgotten deadatar, anytime soon?

aesthetics occurs flatness never curls inward towards body: unless
fundamental identification work. sort futurism responsible mac apple,
sliver cuts flesh, acceptable, false topologies, topographies destroyed
villages, mutilated faces. same: many deaths, deaths. clear: notes of
labor purposed, slowing scraping trying think, what? damage cause caused.

must stop.
work sound, fury.
visible been killed.
even keeps yammering, yakking away
much alive
somebody gave birth. the monster.
ever shut up
stench offensive

idiotic poverty thumping surface gives way, only limited compliance, while
wants slither, projections fantasies, holographic universes edges surface,
consider same way bangu, drum, center harshness occurs, skin, outside drum
altogether go elsewhere, so, moving while, reveals itself, does poverty,
idiotic, null signifiers token, dissolution proton, substance, moves
embrace, catch catapult oneself, corral, image imaginary appears curvature
meanders form, embraces subject, brings hir enunciation [i'm growing
increasingly stupid. bang head tired animations blurs. inhabit flat cut
paper. stalks thinking: forget new monster appear, obscene _enunciation._]

what's run below substance. drive italics, edge them, and
such again flay first kill maw ruin : stops nevermore loves
please...nevermore. smile chains seem one, around eleven, crying
'nevermore universe, one.' before coming, cessation pain.with cessation.

< deathwe sipping grease > achieved.
1, dead.
0, any, cicatrix
'the cultural ecology bourdieu would cicatrix'

covering simultaneously informs abject. variegated tattooed choice
produces laundering beneath. healing scar balanced. collocation scars.
beneath organism on. returns re-use. choose file: file chosen. upload:
upload. here died 4:55 afternoon, sept. 6. i've -

performances discomfiture dragging 'real' across 'virtual,' and
tearing both.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Music for Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Music for Our 11th Wedding Anniversary (best listening)

Today is Azure's and my 11th wedding anniversary!
So we keep working with voice and the old sarangi, which now
has four strings tuned somewhat like the sindhi sarangi. We
might be able to use it for the Electronic Literature Conf.
in West Virginia, but it's hard to see how we'll get the
instrument down. In any case, we quite like anniv3 and
anniv4 is a ukulele solo in celebration and joy at our being
together for almost thirteen years! Love, Alan and Azure

Looking Easier Than Reading

Looking Easier Than Reading

The physicality of the anomaly always asserts itself, even down the
hierarchy of protocol layers. Google is everywhere, tabulating these and
others; sometimes the real takes over when processing slows and crashes; I
had one such crash during the making of the image. But the obdurate is
there, among the remnants of sex, which are not there, and death, which
is: that is the only equation, and one that persists in existing until
life is eradicated. We can't place our bets because there will be no one
to collect. Many such images as these are on many such planets, however
ephemeral; even Mars has its markings. If a tree falls, it falls, and it's
gone, just as the sound is gone. These gasped at zero to forty miles an
hour and the next time the configuration will be different, as it already
is, fading, history is fading. The truth, Badiou, is that books don't live
forever, and Google's privacy is a sham. Anyone can burrow the database
from within; we all live in tunnels beneath the firewalls where there is
nothing done, nothing to be done. A friend of mine constantly takes notes
to use against people. Badiou takes notes to how how the world's held, but
the world's held up by philosophy in both senses of the phrase, just not
in the physical. It's on the way out. We're on the way out, we're already
"that class," as my grade school teacher said, implying we'd live forever
in infamy. She's dead now, everything in the world is different and
sattered, shattering. If you're born in the middle of it, you die in the
middle of it. We're just desperate to keep alive, we dream of sex and
fantasy, in the imaginary, die, in the real, and grovel in surplus in the
symbolic. These images are tombstone, graves, they're beneath the ground,
on the bridge they're struggling. I do philosophy this way because it's
easier to read.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Alan Sondheim

6:44 PM  -  Limited

We are all in gravity.

I should learn to "hang in there" but there's no place
to put the gallows.

If I tell a joke, I've already made a rigid structure
for the poles.

There's nothing funny about death and I always feel
close enough to it that I'm temped to write a joke.

It's raining out and the water, aided by gravity, makes
sure the bodies get wet.

Chills set in, pneumonia, you know the rest. probably broken, dead.
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BURIED Apparitions

BURIED Apparitions w/ Azure, "buried" song solo uke

MARRIAGE TO LANGUAGE (words/music by Azurefrom words by Alan)

All my writing
Is an invitation
For you to come closer

I do not know
Who you are
Nor will I know
When you come closer

When you come closer
I will not know you
When you come closer
You must heal me

All my writing
Is a desperate cry for healing

I will know you
When you heal me
I will know you
When you touch me

I will know you
When you hold me
You will know me
When I  know you

All my singing
Is an invitation
For you to love me

I do not know
Who you are
Nor will I know you
When you love me

When you love me
I will not know you
When you love me
You must touch me

All my singing
Is a desperate cry for touching

I will know you
When you heal me
I will know you
When you touch me

I will know you
When you hold me
You will know me
When I  know you

All my talking
Is an invitation
For you to raise me

I do not know
Who you are
Nor will I know you
When you raise me

When you raise me
I will not know you
When you raise me
You must hold me

All my talking
Is a desperate cry for holding

I will know you
When you heal me
I will know you
When you touch me

I will know you
When you hold me
You will know me
When I  know you

I will know you
I will know you
I will know you
When I know you

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cauldron Release Set

Alan Sondheim shared a link.
Unknown Artist - Unknown Album

  • Cauldron Release Set

    The Fire Museum and Cauldron record release event -
    at the Highwire, Philadelphia, last night
    (our full set)

    Helena Espvall, cello, electronics
    Azure Carter, songs, voice
    Alan Sondheim, sarangi, oud, cura cumbus, viola (in that order)

    Songs: Buried, Blood Tantra, Creatures

    This is a rough recording, with the sarangi under-recorded,
    and Helena and Azure under-recorded on and off; I used a small
    Marshall amp (which unfortunately was directed towards the zoom);
    Helena and Azure used a large stage amp/mixer system (which
    unfortunately was pointed elsewhere). But you'll get the idea.
    The bill also included Dan Joseph on hammered dulcimer, and
    the Jesse Kudler/Barry Weisblat Duo on electronics. The evening
    was a success! We had a full audience. Thanks to everyone
    who helped put the event together.
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  • Cauldron Release Set

    The Fire Museum and Cauldron record release event -
    at the Highwire, Philadelphia, last night
    ...See More
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Friday, June 8, 2012

with the birds

with the birds mute swans yellow-crowned night-heron
on shell midden

well with the birds, how was I supposed to know real memories and mocking-
birds singing, two birds leave roof of false-front bank, Morgan's Bank,
given way for love birds. Caused pass away. For God were meant pair, love
yet not feathered creed. And gather, each one mate, name, these they
call, name - or silenced burning wings legs, what| matisse bathers calling
in distant screech, nothing shelters take wing, all have begun nests
except you me, what are we waiting 'slots' 'embodied voice' saviors saints
thought? would play sarangi, many times played. There many background This
time, at mercy well aware that could never hear me, there sounds every-
where around us like tend ignore animals their languages names. They
slowly disappear; now fifty thousand died because alligators leave. She
described park as "layered." talk you, words thrimble, tremble, lines
here, now, crying over dead. Beams light don't birds:  9/11 fictitious
towering flock black horizon. "They're Dark rock sky, among vultures,
scattered oh man, wonderful Did see any birds?"  Flew from which origin-
ated just day before. From heaven fell down sudden weight, Hangup "Fine
feathers make fine birds." In this place, there's parliament deciding on
proper Keapoalewa, (_maloko o_) atmosphere where fly, is Kebara killdeer
Kira koan kwat Lacan lamina landbirds languaging" - larboard latinate
lejeune LEK Liardon: Let's fly away! Let's say you're interested, watch
them constantly, Manhattan's thousands birds; interrupt migration routes.
My wings, albatross, do ever land land, Nightjars, Related Nightbirds, no,
often daytime, particularly spring, had seen bird behavior; Heisenberg's
Physical. Some out trees Susan Sontag think wrote about tens Ten memorial.
kept flying. desert, shadowed, cooled. trace army eagles blackbirds.
Someone saw grey-brown fox. When I'm fish gotta sing dogs With special
surprise Hethre Contant's Texas Mockingbirds. You heard tales white dawn
dusk. foot. Overhead, screens, soar, shimmer. after aloud asked awoke,
begin being books alive. field another, aristotelian quantum, all: usual
pointed stance other alligators larger periphyton trail observing
invertebrates species an taken island. surfed there. some between depth
emerges woman playing ch'in most mournful manner, golden threading Here
Northwest, my bulbous thicket well. strange small reddish dance above
landing our 1908 Chinese painting flowers looked it sound winging will
those birds' broken mend animals. did hundreds apart, stepped on, thrown
against walls, pulled pieces. unusual rapidly becoming favorite (along if
added point made, thin above/ brown, i'd listen outside windows office
ballgame birdscastlescape brigdanc briglandscape brigscape)  cathedral
bells benign best bestowed better beyond big binary binding birth bi-jade
(circular disk hole) bind blessings (fortune) generalists! die, die
everywhere. cleaving flew darkness but that's end moral nor together apart
swimming trees. fluttering gold sky. Ah Ah. meditation. flying high
furious near bleak fall night, follow stern rising lives modern media
area. only encourages spread disease, found huddled decrepit rundown
neighborhood. "birds" his last words, sand stained red. His uniform test
apparatus limits life death. It's years ago... clearly inferior
philosophical birds beside red beaks almost glowing sun. "The blue flocks
ones melding equipment broiling bottom all shore, visited by suicidebirds
breasts flight hair river's meander outline bridge went nowhere once." Why
fly. Nikuko brig n' warm-up, Alpine series catbirds, chicken issued more
than reprimand. torn course, starlings, sparrows, starlings cultural
existed ages remote own. look everything body dancer eternal then be slow
dawn, aube, shades down, no nothing, none within decompositions bacteria
vegetation hummingbirds sparrows flies mites "i disappears, pretty
picture. But blades cleave hulls disturbance. go extinct. kestrels
disappeared." doctors today. phenomenology. drawing (painting) draw
(paint) (and) earth air ocean, wires cheep. enko conceivings dancework
synchronic sondheim example, here flies, large variety birds, might
interest; smaller clues cues wading generators migrating another green
metallic bees orchid made dead thnxs u bill vag grew darker, stopped
singing, strips sunlight haps acres across; numerous (swallows, swifts,
here). remember when used cacti, armadillo, pylons - They swift boaters,
using craft woven hmans:wrythed birds:torn birds:what hapend kitens: Write
first killed romola complicit lpmud Jen d'nala Panamarenko hunters geese,
entangled brooklyn, canada geese, i am hurt absence doctors. reading
assigned second third parts half neither chorus choir i'm contacted gonna
canal hanging run woods, new under overpass, sad chirpings indescribable.
covered enormous migration. indicates deaf really are; birdsongs amazing,
into pure air, delicate bathing all, world trade center iza erpene ics
subgroupoids minefields microworlds arounds jays, kingfishers, swifts (i
certain it), grey catbirds, puff-balls, jouissance julu judgmental liguus
kanji wraps koans, kwat! Lacanian example. moves scale, time left Miami,
looking periphyton, lay mountains valleys, No can tell migratory Outstript
late, mammals iran poetics religious experience: islamic map completely
differently (not mention magnetism maybe. gone. measure ? [ben4 niao3
xian1 fei1] clumsy start early men who electrocute meter wide. mourning
doves, pigeons mocking-birds. come scanning implies negation: scan(x)
(x)(-x). modifications genevabirds morning light, wondrous clouds mount-
ains. These feet human hands. also heart pounds loudly, still, naturally
spelled bilities. completed. war war. (clinton milosevic nighthawks!),
echo-location sit ground blackbirds, waiter myself, selves, knows found,
heron quickly catches its prey. numbered. Regardez-moi: 650000 9/11.
thereby sets upon path breath interpretation. Between it. island raised?
onstage bright yellow horn so. "the full out) (as if) (be) amazed paint
pictures colorful immortals hermits spirits pigeon piece carcases sun
horror surety stranger theirs serve dragons presence club kids, emerge
rare metaphor prey production. Crows annoy hawks; primates imitate,
red-wing yellow-head etc. around. red-winged blackbirds rented house,
assistant resting sand, manner exactly opposite East Coast sally everyone
raptures seen, populated dark ill-drawn stuff fantasies senses; well
whether beasts short tailed rain wrong faces sights crows troubled herds,

O wooden beams, snow mountains, snow, trundled waterbirds unidentified
(inland) song noise reduction meadowlarks, others Alps, across universe,
Descartes, sparrow-like spiral up tree, move branch still Slowly releasing
back wild called hacking. stolen uppermost bakemeats basket baskets hang
tree assailed her tears beneath unfamiliar constellations strives herbs
offer vase spirits, fish, ters. I've slight fevers result. Our cat Ossi
makes house feel home. spot desk, m easily without them, convenient beauty
color separations, passion cries sea-birds, disappeared, including merlin
even starlings. we've medieval debating looping primordial laptop quiet,
quiescent, peaceful, flying, through right paths birds! sky interacted
thinness sickle moon, narrowed borne themselves cutting bodies; happens
(i.e. calling) live middle alaska, smart birds. "virtual language" ground-
sitters owls perching-birds book those, notes gone gone, Bird towers...
thickened grass illinois thwoop, couple bats walk, sleep, cross it, report
condition trees, coupled further fourth part, reptiles turtledove detest
her, willets well, shore asking king queen wetwares shorebirds again,
varied worldings, forms humans doing, course vulnerabilities, bells warmup
alp pals, whom ripped asunder, fire cases lead away streams, crest bodies
once again imagine memory warm-up

Thursday, June 7, 2012

voice, sarangi, viola, oud

Alan Sondheim

2:19 AM  -  Limited
Alan Sondheim
voice, sarangi, viola, oud (best)

note: This is what I'd like Azure and myself to sound like Saturday
night - in other words, with equalization and reverberation set
to within a rough tolerance of what you're hearing. I'm not sure
this is possible; I'm bringing a small amp, the MOTU which needs
tuning itself, and an instrument mic. Hopefully we can get this to
work out; otherwise voice and instruments might fall flat. In the
meantime, these three pieces give a good example of what I'm hoping
we can achieve; Azure's songs are beautiful, but the instruments
are of course difficult - at least here, they're within a range of
somewhat perfection?
Sondheim Archives: voice, sarangi, viola, oud
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Sondheim Archives: voice, sarangi, viola, oud »
voice, sarangi, viola, oud. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your ...

Birding and Others

Birding and Others

k6% new zz
k7% more zz

Birding and Others

Azure, Adam, and I went birding at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and
the village of Broad Channel. We stopped and stared at:

laughing gulls :
ospreys :
a cardinal :
a brown thrasher :
a black-crowned night-heron :
tree swifts :
barn swallows :
great white herons :
little blue herons :
mute swans :
mallards :
catbirds :
a cowbird :
a little green heron :
a yellow-crowned night-heron :
chimney swifts :
a purple martin :
common terns :
starlings :
ruddy ducks :
canada geese :
robins :
pigeons :
red-winged blackbirds :
common grackles :
boat-tailed grackles :
crows :
house sparrows :
glossy ibis :
a mocking bird :
double-crested cormorants :
and sanderlings :

and eastern carpenter bees :
and a diamond-back terrapin laying eggs :
and a raccoon :
and flowering opuntia :

the end :

k8% You have to leave in 5 minutes.

Just one more minute!

Time to leave!

Time to leave!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


3 (best for listening) (Azure voice, oud) (short, oud) (long, sarangi)

Friday, June 1, 2012

We're performing June 9th in Philadelphia!

Fire Museum Presents:

Alan Sondheim/Helena Espvall/Azure Carter Trio

Dan Joseph

Jesse Kudler/Barry Weisblat Duo

Saturday, June 9th 8:00PM
Highwire Gallery
2040 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA

Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter (Brooklyn) & Helena Espvall (Philadelphia) Trio:

RECORD RELEASE SHOW! “The animists of Mari El aren’t the last pagans, not by a long shot. Cauldron is on the job, too, working the hot-stick on Ley lines from Giant’s Despair to Kingdom Come, with a backpack full of old tube equipment and spools of magnetic tape. Cauldron spins secret messages encoded in lace and tosses the achillea millefolium to see where to go next. Cauldron wants to remind you that all you see is not all there is. The margins of “things” are crawling, if you know how to look: ancient spirits, saints, faeries, fractal elves, jeweled self-dribbling basketballs, etc. etc. etc. The trick is to find your way back to an unmediated life. So take Cauldron’s hand. Ignore the fire-exit signs warning you that an alarm will sound. It won’t. Push the door open… stumble into brighter light… the untended back lot behind our shared reality… where weeds push stark flowers through cracks in the cement… once you get out there everything is so quiet, all you hear is the breezes-s-s-s… butterflies and blue lizards flit and skitter amid the rubble of forgotten thoughts… “How wonderful that you're here!” they say. “You come so rarely! We're so delighted to see you!”

Cauldron deals out a three of cups: Alan Sondheim, a pioneer of mystical ear-tweak and sci-fi sonic ritual sound, chamber-improv gypsy cellist Helena Espvall, and eco-trance singer Azure Carter… thrice to thine and thrice to mine, and thrice again, to make up nine. Channeling the ghosts of Opal Whiteley and Lou Harrison, Cauldron conjures the scratch and shush of the Big Bang out of wood, wind and cat-gut. Whenever you listen to it, this album is always over too soon, just like life. Fire Museum and Tequila Sunrise Records deal out a two of pentacles: not to get all “Yankee Candle” here, but we only made 250 of these, so grab one before they melt away like chemtrails in the sunset sky." - Fred Astarte, Tequila Sunrise Records

Dan Joseph (Brooklyn):

Dan Joseph is a free-lance composer based in New York City. He began his career as a drummer in the vibrant punk scene of his native Washington, DC. During the late 1980s, he was active in the experimental tape music underground, producing ambient-industrial works for independent labels in the U.S. and abroad. He spent the ‘90s in California where he studied at CalArts and Mills College. His principal teachers include Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Curran and Mel Powell. Equally influential where his studies with Terry Riley during several workshops in California and Colorado. As an artist who embraces the musical multiplicity of our time, Dan works simultaneously in a variety of media and contexts, including instrumental chamber music, free improvisation, and various forms of electronica and sound art. Since the late 1990s, the hammer dulcimer has been the primary vehicle for his music. As a performer he is active with his own chamber ensemble, The Dan Joseph Ensemble, as well as in various improvisational collaborations and as an occasional soloist. He has collaborated with a variety of creative artists including Miya Masaoka, Pamela Z, Loren Dempster, JD Parran, Pauline Oliveros, India Cooke, William Winant and John Ingle.
Dan Joseph’s work has been presented at Merkin Concert Hall (NYC), Diapason Gallery for Sound (NYC), Roulette (NYC), Deep Listening Space (Kingston, NY), The Kitchen (NYC) Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (SF), New Langton Arts (SF) and other venues. He has received commissions from several ensembles and performers, including Gamelan Son of Lion, the SF Sound Group, baritone Thomas Buckner, flutist Jacqueline Martelle and clarinetist Matt Ingalls. ” - bio

Jesse Kudler (Philadelphia) & Barry Weisblat (Brooklyn) Duo:

Jesse Kudler, born 1979, creates concrete music on the computer, composes low-tech multi-channel sound works, and improvises on cheap consumer devices: a no-name electric guitar, hand-held cassette recorders, radios and transmitters, various small junk, and pedals/electronics. In his various travels, Kudler has performed with Matt Bauder, Kyle Bruckmann, Chris Cogburn, James Coleman, Tim Feeney, Brent Gutzeit, Bonnie Jones, Jason Kahn, Mazen Kerbaj, Toshimaru Nakamura, Pauline Oliveros, Bhob Rainey, Vic Rawlings, Christine Sehnaoui, Mike Shiflet, Jason Soliday, Howard Stelzer, Christian Weber, Matt Weston, Jack Wright, Jason Zeh, and many others. Current and "recent" projects include: sound installation; a duo with Ian Fraser; solo performance; HZL, an environmental electronics duo with Tim Albro; duos with Chris Cogburn, Christian Weber, and Chandan Narayan; Benito Cereno (with Dustin Hurt, Chandan Narayan, Tim Albro, and Ian Fraser); Tweeter, a treble-intensive noise trio with Alex Nagle and Eli Litwin; and various ad hoc groupings. Kudler is the co-founder and co-Director (with Ian Fraser) of the Philadelphia Sound Forum.

Barry Weisblat was born in 1975 in Brooklyn. He is a sound artist and electronic instrument builder who extensively experiments with electro-magnetic devices, solar technology, homemade and modified circuits for application in sound generation/manipulation, audio engineering and photography. Weisblat has collaborated with Margarida Garcia, Tower Recordings, Mattin, Tim Barnes and Tetuzi Akiyama, and has built instruments for Peter Kowald, Toshio Kajiwara, Manuel Mota and Matt Valentine. He has sound engineered for Erstwhile Records, Dean Roberts and Jon Gibson. - bios

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